Smart Energy

Fully integrated Odoo modular applications for the Energy Procurement Industry.

What is Smart Energy?

Smart Energy allows energy consultancy and procurement companies to benefit from a suite of fully integrated modular applications that manage the end to end business process of the energy brokerage industry from cold lead to signed energy contract.

Automatically categorise and allocate leads.

Sales pipeline management

Comprehensive energy usage data analysis.

Allows for bespoke tendering process and quote management

Monitor and secure energy contract renewals

Track and schedule contract terminations.

Converts quotes to contracts and completion of sales.

Flexible modular features

“Smart IT designed us a contract management and production system using Odoo. It’s given us a broader range of functionality and the ability to adapt to our changing needs as we grow. It makes life much simpler, saving us both time and money.”

Inspired Energy plc.

How does Smart Energy work for you?

Smart Energy has been built around the following primary modules specifically designed for the energy procurement market:

Lead Generation - The Lead Generation module seamlessly manages the telesales process from the daily allocation of raw leads up to the point when your organisation takes receipt of copies of your customers’ bills and letters of authority to act on their behalf.

Leads can be categorised to provide differing SIC codes to specific telesales operatives. It ensures that your telesales teams have a managed and controlled pipeline with a fixed number of quality leads and call backs.

This module can also be used as a ‘stand-alone’ lead generation system application as it has the capability and features to service virtually any market, sector or industry.

Energy Procurement - Seamless transition of workflow from the telesales system into the prospect management which provides for the entire tendering process and monitors supplier quotations.

Your energy analysts can capture information such as site, meter, contract and energy usage with easy data input methods for large multi-site and multi-meter corporations. Supports all industry charge types and keeps up with the moving nature of the energy industry. The module manages sending tenders and receiving quotations to and from multiple suppliers monitoring and tracking the entire workflow process from start to finish. In managing the tender process, the module also facilitates the provision of cost comparison information and subsequent recommendations based on the latest rates and charges being offered.

Once a deal has been reached the system requires the addition of verbal or signed copy contracts stored against the customer within the included Document Management system in order to move the sale through to the Energy Contract Management module.

Energy Contract Management - Another seamless transition from point of sale to contract management. Quality assurance process ensures contracts have been entered correctly. Supporting aspects of this module include;

objection tracking and management;

terminations with task based process workflow management;

closely monitor and secure up coming energy contract renewals with a scheduling facility which seamlessly moves back through the Energy Procurement system before the contract end date ensuing high client retention.

How Smart IT is working with Odoo

As an accredited Odoo partner, the Smart IT team are industry experts in this leading open source Enterprise Resource Planning technology. There are more than 2 million users of Odoo worldwide across many industry sectors.

Odoo has the potential to transform the way people do business, bringing automation, higher productivity and greater efficiency to many different industries.

Why choose Smart IT?

Other integrated modules that Smart Energy users can access include: Financial Accounts providing comprehensive multi-company and multi-currency accounting

Human Resources Website and Portal module - Our Odoo based products give our clients flexibility and scaleability as they can start with one application and add other modules as they build a system around their own business requirements and processes.

For further information about Smart Energy applications, please feel free to Contact us Download our Smart Energy PDF Brochure, here.

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