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Developed by Smart IT to seamlessly integrate with Odoo HR software. 

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Designed and built as an add-on to the Odoo HR system, our solution automates the clocking in and out process for every employee, using biometric facial recognition technology to verify the identity of each individual.  

This forms the foundation for a centralised and automated view of all employees’ time worked across all sites. Real-time data on how your workforce is being deployed is available at the touch of a button, enabling you to optimise productivity with rapid, well-informed decisions. Longer-term information is available in the form of a wide range of bespoke reports, allowing you to make better strategic decisions about staff deployment and resourcing. Click here to download our brochure

Our software:

  • Uses biometric facial recognition technology to track each employee’s attendance and time on-site

  • Tracks all staff members’ time worked, for easier shift and resource planning

  • Allows parameters to be set for work, shift patterns and break times

  • Allows approvals for careful management of overtime costs and swapped shifts

  • Fully integrates with Odoo HR software, for faster and more accurate HR visibility

  • Delivers rich data and reporting for business intelligence and smarter resourcing decisions

  • Offers a card option, which is ideal for visitors or the disabled

  • Integrates with Access Control Systems


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Key features of Smart IT's Time & Attendance Facial Recognition Software                      

Our solution incorporates:

  • Facial recognition technology to track each employee’s arrival and departure from shifts, using biometric technology to reduce errors and instances of ‘buddy punching’

  • A self-service dashboard for managers, enabling them to approve shift patterns and payments and gain a real-time overview of resource and productivity

  • Flexible reporting options to generate short and long-term business intelligence, with flexible parameters set to highlight absences and lateness, overtime, shift swapping, total hours worked and more

  • Full GDPR compliance and security inbuilt, to protect key corporate and personal data

  • A cloud-based deployment model so that key employee and time information is available anytime, anywhere


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Drive management efficiencies

Our automated solution dramatically reduces the management overhead of manually tracking hours worked. In turn, this frees up management time to focus on more strategic decisions and to generate a more intelligent picture of overall resource – particularly useful when managing peaks and troughs in demand, and contract or temporary workforces.

Drive employee efficiencies

Automated facial recognition on arrival and departure from work is less time-consuming, complex and error-prone for staff than a manual process. It also greatly reduces incidences of time abuse, ‘buddy punching’ whereby colleagues clock in on each other’s’ behalf, lateness and overpayment.

Generate invaluable business intelligence   

HR and potentially wider teams and departments such as compliance no longer have to create and maintain their own information sources on employee attendance, productivity and cost. All can access the same data at the touch of a button. Our software provides a powerful lens into vital business data, allowing you to drill down into both the productivity of different members of staff, and the money spent on different facets of the business. Snapshots of everything from planned and unplanned absences, to overtime associated with a particular project, to the uplift in staff costs caused by hiring temporary staff over the Christmas period can be generated at the click of a button.  

Offer more flexible working

Our software can be accessed anywhere, meaning that employees who are working remotely or on the road can track their hours worked with the same accuracy as those in the office, making it far easier to run flexible and personalised working arrangements. This, in turn, makes it easier and more cost-effective to offer highly valued employee benefits, and build a positive working culture.

Reduce errors and inaccuracies

Human error is an occupational hazard of any manual process. Manual attendance and time management, which involves a great deal of transporting data from one format to another, deciphering different information sources and and even handwriting, is particularly error-prone- and costly when errors occur. Inaccuracies in attendance management which then leak into payroll can ultimately result in costly claims for missed overpayment and even lawsuits. Our automated software drastically reduces these incidences of error. 

Meet regulations and frameworks

Whatever the external laws and regulatory frameworks, or internal rules and processes you have in place to govern employee attendance and time management within your organisation, our solution can be tailored to track and alert you to any failures to meet them or incidences which could prove problematic. Whether in terms of managing shift patterns in line with employment law, or fulfilling the organisation's own flexible working patterns and accurately tracking them , our software simplifies and automates a set of otherwise complex processes.  

Create a single information source with Odoo HR    

HR and potentially wider teams and departments such as compliance no longer have to create and maintain their own information sources on employee attendance, productivity and cost. All can access the same data at the touch of a button.