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The business case for adopting Odoo

Barry Bullen
January 2019 — 140 views ERPOdoo ERP

Odoo vs SAP Business One: what’s best for SMEs?

Barry Bullen
January 2019 — 194 views ERPOdoo ERPSAP Business One

Odoo project costs: how to plan

Barry Bullen
November 2018 — 249 views ERPERP project costsOdoo ERP

10 ways ERP systems can save you money

Barry Bullen
October 2018 — 314 views ERPOdoo ERP

How biometrics help HR Managers sleep at night

Angela Lawson
September 2018 — 362 views Attendance softwareBiometricsHR softwareTime and attendance

What is attendance software and why does every business need it?

Angela Lawson
September 2018 — 306 views Attendance softwareBiometricsHR softwareTime and attendance

Why we speak Energy Broker language

Jacqueline Bullen
August 2018 — 473 views

Seven signs your company is ready for ERP

Barry Bullen
August 2018 — 408 views

What is ERP and why should small businesses care?

Angela Lawson
August 2018 — 384 views

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